“Something to spray” why Airbnb all employees believe that they can change the world

On each floor there is a small pantry with a mini kitchen, which offers coffee, drinks and snacks from algae without content of nuts. In addition, there are Eatrium — huge dining room where all the food than usual to feed employees of companies in Silicon valley, estimated at many billions of dollars. However, there has not been without its own innovations like forty-eight Nickel-plated taps with mineral water, wine, beer, and Kombucha Redbnb — kind Red Bull, made by hand from hibiscus, green tea and Yerba mate.

For the employees of Airbnb, which is called Airfamily (“Airbnb family”), abbreviated Airfam, there are many pleasant things, privileges and activities. For example, there are Airshares sessions in which staff share with everyone all their skills, from photography to painting fabric. There is training program the art of after-dinner speeches, as well as group meditation classes. In Airbnb I love to dress up: another day can be a day in the style of the series Mad Men, on Halloween we announced a contest costume, and annually hosted the Oktoberfest Blecharczyk invariably appears in lederhosen. Similar events are organized in the offices of Airbnb around the world.

Idealism and reigns here. A casual touch in conversation the topic of “belonging” as a company mission can any employee — from the financiers to the project managers. Not long ago, the chief specialist on work with the community Douglas Atkin came up with to use the idea of “traveling around the world — our common home”, which the company offers, for internal use. In the context of corporate culture, this idea sounds like “belonging to the company — our common home”. The goal is the same: the new man feels a stranger and forced ogranichivaya itself in its manifestations; when he was greeted with open arms, he feels safe and becomes himself again. As said Atkine one employee in Portland: “Here I can be a whole version of yourself, not defatted”.

It seems that this is overkill, but, nevertheless, the vast majority of employees in accordance with this statement. “In Airbnb, I was able to show their best qualities, even those the existence of which I had no idea,” admits Vice President of product Joe Zadeh. “All my previous experience had been but a preparation for it,” — said the head developer Curtis. The first product Manager of the company Jonathan Golden, long worked at Dropbox and HubSpot, calls corporate culture Airbnb “the most open and interactive of all my friends.

Here always say — “And why not?”. He also stressed that “there is much more cooperation than in any other place where I previously worked.” Golden says that the negative side of this is to reduce efficiency (as in any subject involved a lot of people, an increasing number of employees have to spend a lot of time on emails and meetings), and yet, in his opinion, such openness awakens ambition and motivates people to achieve more.

“They’re at something sprayed in the air, says Jeff Jordan of Andreessen Horowitz. — Well, how else can you get a company where everything from top to bottom believe that they change the world?”In 2016, Airbnb took first place in the competition of employers according to the portal Glassdoor, ahead of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce and others.

Such environment allows to defuse the situation when the company is undergoing allocatestring emergency, like what happened in the Department, Mike Curtis in early 2015. One of the engineers accidentally entered the wrong command, and one stroke on the keyboard wiped out almost the entire database of the company. “Like that, in one fell swoop,” says Curtis. Almost all of the functionality of the company and its potential for development depend on a vast array of information on the movements of people around the world, accumulated in a data warehouse, and in the blink of an eye he was gone.

“It was a huge loss,” says Curtis. The incident was reminiscent of an episode from the TV series “Silicon valley” with a bottle of tequila on the key Del, but in this case, it happened in reality, the situation was much worse and was aggravated by the fact that the command to the control computer was introduced by engineer, but still one of the best in the division.

After several days of round-the-clock work of the small dedicated team have found a way to solve the problem, and eventually the data was able to fully repair (it took two weeks). But for those few days it was unclear whether a decision in principle. “The moment was eerie,” recalls Curtis. He says that after learning about the incident, chesky was asked to give him some time to think about the situation. “He didn’t freak out, although it could be,” says Curtis. Team members tried to keep the guilty (who, incidentally, still works for the company) and gave him a t-shirt with the text right team that still hangs in the Department.


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