8 factors of success in small business

 To date, many entrepreneurs are beginning to think about how to achieve success in their business. There are several factors for success. If you consider all these factors, you can achieve good results in business.
Factor number 1. An important factor in small business is planning. For this you need to have your business plan. The plan should be as accurate as possible. It should specify all possible risks and ways to solve them.
Factor number 2. Do an analysis of the activities of competitors. You need to identify the positive and negative nuances of their work.
Factor number 3. Every employee must observe discipline in his or her workplace. Encourage labor initiatives of your employees.
Factor number 4. With your employees you should have a trusting relationship. Be sure to show affability to the buyers.
Factor number 5. Each employee must have his / her official duties.
Factor number 6. Work with clients must be literate. Do not forget to communicate with them. For regular customers, make discounts.
Factor number 7. Every month, conduct promotions and prizes for all customers.
Factor number 8. Do not skimp on the professionalism of employees. Take on the work of professionals. Treat the workforce with respect.

18. May 2017 by Ekaterina
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