The fans will offer tours for travel in trains for the 2018 world Cup

Fans of the 2018 world Cup will be able to book tours to travel in trains to the cities of the matches.

The project trips for organized groups of tourists-drawn carriages of regular trains and Charter trains will “RZD Tour”.

The cost of tours will be affected in the first class car. Customers can choose from economy class cars, wagon coupe, saloon cars and luxury class. The price will also depend on the power train, musical and interactive program way. In the way fans may be accompanied by re-enactors, lecturers, tour guides and musicians. In addition, you can order an excursion in the cities hosting matches of the championship.

It is expected that the greatest demand will be for tours with a duration of stay in transit from eight to 24 hours.

Source: news Agency “Moscow”

11. January 2018 by Ekaterina
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