The Fund Navalny check for complaints on the “gatherings of minors”

The Fund campaign of Alexei Navalny “the Fifth season” has attracted the attention of the Ministry of justice because of complaints of “underage gatherings” at his headquarters in Kemerovo.

Tenants in the same building told police, the Prosecutor’s office and the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev that they interfere with work “inadequate for his mental state,” persons who “knock at the office” and “carry their leaflets and Newspapers with the Bulk.”

A copy of the complaint, which is then forwarded to Moscow, already published in late September in the “Navalny Team. Kemerovo”.

According to Navalny, this situation would legalize the activities of the special group, which already deals with the failure of his campaign.

The Ministry of justice yet did not specify why it requires to liquidate the Fund.

Through the Fund, “the Fifth season” the team Alexei Navalny conducts the campaign in dozens of Russian cities. This organization rents space and enters into contracts with employees of the headquarters. In November 2017, the Ministry of justice announced on unscheduled inspection Fund. In January, the Agency has addressed in court with the requirement to liquidate the Fund.

18. January 2018 by Ekaterina
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