Labeled to riches: THE TREE ART

Phenomenal native content, as well as Russian girls in the art business. Where do not spit — everywhere geniuses and “nikopeya” Malevich and Picasso. After Saturday’s hangover at a local bar in China Town, somehow I managed to look to the artists at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus.

Long remembered from whom received prigles got pasportinu and breathed the freshest breath on tamozhenniki, but without the benefit of a sadin and bruises (passed).

There were around velikopole She (Marie Dudkowska) — ziyal, shone like the lines of Mandelstam.

I intercepted her colleague (Glebov) and began to blow, first landscapes, then still life; at the moment, but each work on hundreds with three zeros rubles.

Then I prihoda, cried from being unable to wear curlers, Belarusian sipped his champagne.

While your liver is intensively secreted bile and salivating pokupaut on the screen from the gadget, will declare Dudkowska able to sell art.

The girl founded her own brand the Tree Art on the patronage of young and talented artists to realize joint international projects (from the Cultural center of Italy in Russia to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Russia), and then Grand plans, new ideas and reasonable ambitions.

It I why and for what?

And the fact that talent is not born but made. As, for example, a fan of Renata Litvinova, an impressionist, not a typical blonde and the top model po-Russki — Dudkowska.

But Google is not here to help.

You will not know how many frantic hours were spent on the creation of each piece, how much was able to sell this Autumn and how many bottles of Chilean and remained unfinished.

Website under development (Mat and other anal vyser not encouraged and not encouraged)

Hallelujah, Orthodox fans of Netflix.

08. January 2018 by Ekaterina
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