Moscow restaurateur accused the police of extortion discount cards

The owner of Moscow restaurant “Meat & Fish” Sergey Mironov has accused the employees of Kuntsevsky office of the interior Ministry of corruption.

According to Mironov, yesterday, January 12, police arrived at one of his establishments in Kuntsevo Plaza to check the documents of the employees of the restaurant. After that, “cooks, pastry cooks and bartenders” in the middle of the working day were taken to the office to check the database, despite the presence of all documents.

In the Department of the major nail Kasimov demanded from the employee of the personnel Department of “Meat & Fish” three nameless discount cards by 50 %. When the restaurant offered a regular card, Kasimov said that “it’s a gift from us is very important to people, so in the good ask and it will be worse.”

Members of the staff were released only in the evening. The police have identified several meusic fake registration.

Source: Sergey Mironov

13. January 2018 by Ekaterina
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