Attacks on schools, gathering Bulk and lawsuits against Apple

Every week The Village recalls the most important and popular news for the last seven days. In this issue: the most attractive profession in the version of Tinder, the controversial dancing cadets, the confrontation between cinema and culture, and another ten events.

The police made the connection between this week’s attacks on schools in the Perm, Chelyabinsk region and Buryatia Republic. Excessive aggression students could push in social networks — in groups similar to suicidal public. Also in the incident blame society as a whole.

Power check Fund campaign of Alexei Navalny “the Fifth season” because of the complaints of “underage gatherings” in his Kemerovo headquarters. Tenants in the same building told the police about “inappropriate on his mental state” persons who “knock at the office” and “carry their leaflets and Newspapers with the Bulk.”

The staffs of four presidential candidates supported the appeal of the movement “Voice” for unlawful campaigning for Putin on television. Representatives Ksenia Sobchak urged the CEC to provide each candidate the same time, how much was paid to collect signatures in support of Putin.

The company Zasport presented sketches of the new Olympic form for the Russian sportsmen on the Olympic games in South Korea under a neutral flag. With the clothes removed national symbols, instead of the now used logo OAR — Olympic Athlete from Russia.

In the Ulyanovsk Institute of civil aviation was a scandal because of the impressions of the students on the clip-benny Benassi “Satisfaction”. They were going to pay for frivolous dances, but prosecutors did not find evidence of this. Instead students accountable decided to involve workers of the institution.

Association of theatre owners launched a flash mob #Meschaninova against the interference of the Ministry of culture in theaters. The office at the last moment postponed the premiere of the film “the adventures of Paddington — 2” for February, to clear a session for an unnamed Russian paintings. Because of the scandal, the start date of the rental was returned on January 20.

The first chief editor of the Russian Vogue and Interview Russia Alyona Doletskaya became a creative consultant for the Tretyakov gallery. The journalist will help to transform Museum space into a trendy place.

Residents of Moscow and Moscow region continued to complain of the unpleasant smell. In this regard, MOE is now conducting further analysis of the air in addition to constant monitoring. To rectify the situation I will trycovering the ground “Kuchino” special materials.

Businessman Ilya Traber has achieved excitation of criminal case on libel after a story about him in the documentary series “St. Petersburg” TV channel “Rain”. Law enforcement authorities have requested the statutes of the channel and the personal data of the journalists who worked on the film.

In Moscow recorded the first lawsuits against Apple due to slowing down old iPhones. The plaintiffs demanded free of charge to replace the batteries on their smartphones, and also to compensate moral damages in the tens and hundreds thousand roubles. Apple has promised to fix the problem in the new iOS.

Twitter users complained of locking links on the Telegram. When users attempt to attach a link to the messenger social network rejects a request for publication, showing the warning about the spam.

The former head of bankrupt chain stores Kira Plastinina, Olga Ufimkin restarted the project. On the website of the company has presented three new collections. She Kira Plastinina in the updated project is not involved.

Tinder foundthe representatives of what professions are most attractive to Russians. While the Russians are mostly interested in Dating with the heads of various kind, men often search for women artists.

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