Sellers will be fined for refusing to accept the new banknotes

The CPS will support those who have experienced problems when trying to pay with new banknotes in 200 and 2 thousand rubles.

Sellers who do not want to take notes, will be fined. In conflict with the law face sanctions of up to 50 thousand rubles.

“Any failure of the seller to the admission of new with all the established signs of solvency of banknotes with denomination of 200 and/or 2 thousand rubles in payment for certain goods (services) should be considered as an illegal act, violate the rights of consumers and unnecessarily vosprepyatstvovat the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale”, — said the Agency.

Also on 18 January, the CPS will open all-Russian hotline and consultation about the reception of new bills. Find your phone on the websites of territorial departments of the service.

Source: CPS

17. January 2018 by Ekaterina
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