5 principles of productive meetings

What are the components of a successful meeting, during which the participants establish linkages, share ideas, make decisions and move forward? Here are five basic principles that define a successful meeting. Principle 1: All voices have value. Different points of view make the discussion richer, stronger team and better results. The ideal meeting should take place in a friendly, open atmosphere where everyone can vyskazatsya and be heard. Principle 2: Everyone should prepare. Get ready for the meeting should not be the only one who conducts it, but also all participants. Principle 3: Start and finish the meeting properly. Thoughtful beginning and the end of the meeting with the announcement of the objectives and outcomes are of great importance. Principle 4: Treat the meeting as a starting point Even if the purpose of the meeting is not reached, write down important ideas that will be useful in the future. Assign responsibility and execute the presented task. Principle 5: Create and improve the process of meetings to better results in the future.

08. January 2018 by Ekaterina
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