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Many people love to travel and share their experiences, ideas and photos. For them, we decided to create a convenient platform where they can create and Express themselves. Our team made a stylish, simple and intuitive interface to enable every reader to see the world through the eyes of the author. Want to announce your news to know more people? Share it in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus+ or Vkontakte. We asked our users what they like the platform enjourney.ru. Here is just a small part of the answers: John Kish: “Good quality pictures. No advertising”. Alexei Novikov: “I don’t consider Enjourney as Facebook. You — primarily a photo site, then a travel website. I like the ability to compare your photos with photos of professionals on the same topic (travel) and the ability to steal other people’s ideas in terms of the composition of the photo. If the correct wording — the ability to exchange experiences”. Anton Yushkov: “I wonder what constantly appears content. That then matched my two favorite Hobbies — photography and travel”. Alexander Golovin: “Appealing primarily to the fact that so far nothing similar in the network, in my opinion, does not exist. A good opportunity to interact with other users, well and at home here somehow.” Victor Voroshilov: “Your network is convenient for sharing photos and information. Plus it has a lot of users. I travel a lot and have something to share with people.” And now a little bit about what the platform is. Home Enjourney.ru On the main page displays the most striking, according to the editorial, reports. On the left is a menu with filters, where you can select the right materials for the season of the trip, cost, number of participants and topics. SectionTape” There is formed a compilation of the latest added posts, notes and photo. Everyone can customize the ribbon by yourself, you can delete all notes of an individual author, and you can create multiple tapes with reports from different users. All of the tapes, you can watch independently from each other: for example, one will display information for all interested countries, the other configured to communicate with friends, and the third will be a compilation of publications of the selected authors. Also has the option of selecting the background color of the service — if you don’t like black, you can make it bright. All this can be easily done using the function “customize the ribbon”. Section Zamekand” Blogging platform in the section “Notes” is an unlimited number of characters, the ability to add photos, delayed posting, and save the text in drafts. But most importantly — you can transfer your content from LiveJournal on Enjourney. This means that the new platform can move in just a few clicks. All notes appear in the feeds of other users that allows you to collect “likes” and comments under each of your posts. SectionPhotos” The basis Enjourney is a colorful photo reports that are easy to create. Photos cutting is not necessary, the number of pictures and letters in the text are not restricted, you can add your videos. The report can be published immediately, and you can save drafts and resume editing later. If photos are not displayed in the order in which need is also not a problem. Thanks to the “Arrange photos” you can move the pictures by holding them with the mouse. “My travel map” Any photos or notes can be tied to the map — so each user has their own “travel Map”. In this section you can edit it and mark the places visited by the author. Users can mark as a whole country or individual cities, this automatically is re-read the final percentage of “conquering the world”! SectionReviews” This article, created by the staff of the project Enjourney. Here are collected the most interesting information about festivals, unusual hotels and hostels, museums around the world, the secret places of different cities and much more. SectionUsers” Here you can see the profiles of registered users and if you want to subscribe to materials of interest to the authors. Every participant has its own rating, which depends on his activity on the website. Then you can filter users by name, city, gender, and visited countries, but this is not yet all. We have also implemented a search function by date, rating and number of published photos. Section Countries” You find here General information about different countries, and more detailed information about each city, currency, landmarks, architecture, etc. in addition, there is also formed a collection of notes and photo reports of our participants, who have already visited these places. SectionContests” We love our users and want it to be more interesting, so our resource regularly holds contests with prizes. Communication Enjourney.ru Users can communicate in private messages, where is stored the history of all conversations. It is possible to send photos or videos, insert emoticons and geotagging. Each participant receives notice that you can filter on: to monitor the actions of friends, likes the materials and review the answers to the latter. We’re growing and trying to make our social network more interesting and more functional. We invite all who love photos and traveling to join us. Let’s grow and develop together!

11. October 2017 by Ekaterina
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