Ride with a taste

How a startup from Omsk plans to feed travelers across Russia. Forced whether you live to ride the trains? I think it is. In our country there are very few people who, for one reason or another, managed to avoid this fate. Why fate? Of those who once traveled by train, you will hardly find at least one person who would be deeply excited about the trip. The reasons for this great multitude: it has no service, low quality of the cars, and also a sufficiently high price for transport with similar disadvantages. Unfortunately, in the framework of Russian reality radically change the situation are unlikely to succeed because of the monopoly. But the team from Omsk set themselves the goal to make traveling by rail more comfortable, and they even work. Now try in more detail to understand how they do it. In the summer of 2017 in mobile application stores App Store and Google Play, a new service called FOOD BALL, specializiruetsya on the delivery of food to the trains and home. Yes, it is important to pay attention to the words “delivery of food to the trains”. The founders of the project have set a goal to feed it travelling by train, because the problem with power on the railway there are more than a dozen years. In practice, this works in the following way: go to your mobile app or website, choose a station of departure/arrival and number of your trains. After that you will be offered a list of cities where your train will stop for 15 minutes or more. You choose the dishes you are interested in restaurants, but when your train will arrive to the selected destination, the courier will deliver your order right to the car. The service also took into account the problem of lack of mobile Internet between stations: your order, you can carry through round-the-clock call center. At this point in time the FOOD service BALL works with 350 restaurants-partners in 74 cities of Russia. But its geography is expanding every day and soon plan to connect at least 30 new cities. Team FOOD BALL believes that the service has good prospects. “Every day the inhabitants of Russia to buy more than 120,000 tickets. And all these people – our target audience. Even if our service will benefit 0.5% of us will go to the mountain. We are working on that now” – tells us one of the founders and creative Director of FOOD services Cyril BALL Platkov. Also, the service team / October 5 launched a crowdfunding project on the platform PLANETA.ru. “Service FOOD BALL moving very quickly. Our team constantly generates new ideas that would allow our service to meet the needs of each. But to achieve these goals, we need experts and production facilities, which we at this time can not afford. But fundraising is not an end in itself. For us, rather it is an opportunity to talk about themselves the most progressive audience in the Runet. We hope that our product will interest the masses” – said in a press release service. A page to collect funds on the platform PLANETA.RU

11. October 2017 by Ekaterina
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