Hosting services as an idea for business

How to open your hosting
The life of a modern person is difficult to imagine without the Internet, it is a platform for business, entertainment, communications and other interactions of people. The number of sites is growing and in proportion to it – the amount of information that is required to be stored on the network. Hosting services – is the provision of capacity (physical equipment – a server or a place on it) to place information on the World Wide Web, or, in simple words, the way of placing the site, databases on the network for a fee.

Hosting is classified into a full-featured hosting (virtual hosting, cloud storage, dedicated and virtual dedicated server, colocation) and limited, specializing only in certain types of programs, for example, hosting exclusively gaming or mail servers.

The implementation of the business idea is possible in two formats. The first one can become simply a reseller; Resell for a certain percentage a place on other people’s servers, while not having its own hardware and software capacities, to be just an intermediary, taking on the responsibility for actively searching for customers. In this case, the cost of opening a business is minimal, but it will be tough to compete with real hosters who can offer the client much more favorable price and service conditions.

The second option is the opening of a full-fledged hosting company with its own servers (data center), programmers, technical support, pricing policy, flexible change of hardware and software configuration.

Specificity of business. Licenses and permissions

Starting a business begins with the registration of entrepreneurship (IP or LLC). Provision of hosting services is subject to licensing. The permit for activity is issued by Roskomnadzor. To this stage, who wants to open his business on a hosting and get a license, he must already purchase equipment, get certificates from him at the Ministry of Communications, provide data on the location of the data center used by information security tools. The issue of a license takes about 1 month and will require a cost of $ 600.

Promotion of services, personnel of the hosting company

Naturally, each hosting provider has its own website on the Internet and uses it as a tool to promote its own services. Also, you can hire an active sales manager to search for customers. But, as a rule, in order to save in the first stages, the owner of the business is engaged in the search for clients.

Specialists, without which a full-fledged hosting center can not do, is a system administrator, to help him – two “IT specialists”. Large hosters can afford to have on-site engineers for debugging, setting up and maintaining their own and client equipment.

Room and equipment

The equipment will require at least one server and a control panel. As the last novice in the hosting use free OpenVZ, but due to limited functionality they switch to paid configurations, the most common of which is cPanel (200 cu per year), or more powerful virtualization technologies for 400-500 $.

The cost of the server is determined by its capacity and the progressiveness of the technical “stuffing” and can be as high as $ 1000 or $ 15,000. If you provide services full-featured hosting, then the servers should be at least two.

To accommodate the data center will require a room area of ​​45-50 square meters, this area is divided into server and office area for staff. The rental price depends on the location in the city and the region, on average – $ 900.

Calculating the cost of starting a business

The main cost of implementing the business idea of ​​the hosting company is as follows:
– Registration of business – 500 $;
– licensing – $ 600;
– rent – 900-1000 $;
– purchase of equipment at the rate of 3 servers, control panel, other office equipment for the office – $ 12,000;
– utility payments (electricity), outsourcing services – $ 950;
– Wages fund staff (system administrator, two IT specialists, field engineer) – $ 2200.

Total: starting capital for opening a business on a hosting is about 17 000 USD.

Current monthly costs are $ 5000.

The minimum cost of hosting for a client is $ 100-125, that is, monthly over 50 customers will be able to pay off current costs. The payback period of the business idea is about 2 years, but it can significantly decrease, as the company’s revenues are directly proportional to the number of clients served.

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