How to come up with an idea for business ?

 Most start-up entrepreneurs experience the first difficulties at the preliminary stage, failing to determine the type of activity they would like to do. Many people take such a lot of time for such self-determination, and some even do not come to a decision throughout their entire life, throwing their dreams of their own business.

A clear recipe for producing ideas for business is not available. But psychologists and business coaches occasionally throw up useful advice that can push a person in the right direction. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of them.

• Refer to your own childhood dreams. What did you want to become in your school years, what ideas would you like to implement? It is possible that now is the time to move from thinking to practice.
• Think about how you want to see yourself in five years. Does not contradict your plans the type of activity that you are currently engaged in or want to do? Does it make sense to change your current profession?
• Look in different directions. Study the occupation of people close to you – relatives, friends, colleagues. Take an interest in the principles and nuances of doing business in one or another industry. It is possible that she will interest you. In addition, you will not have to look for helpers and teachers who can be contacted for advice.
• Try to come up with a business idea based on your current hobbies. To extract money from your own hobby is not only profitable, but also beneficial for the soul. And vice versa – if you choose a profitable, but not interesting, business, then your productivity will be low, which in the end will affect the level of income.
• Take a sheet of paper with a pen or open a text editor on the computer. Try to list all your skills with which you have ever earned a living. This will help to objectively assess their current capabilities.
• Do you have children? What kind of activity would you like to predetermine for your son, your daughter? Sometimes it makes sense to learn the kind of business that can be called a family affair in the future.
• If you want to significantly ease the pain of choice, try to build on the opposite. Write out the lines of business that you do not have interest in, too time-consuming, which can not be pulled in the material plan. Think about whether to dump them or to overcome difficulties – to free the work schedule, to seek additional sources of funds and so on.
• And when the ideas are very tight, they can be borrowed. The Internet is full of various sites dedicated to ideas for business. Most of the proposed solutions, as you might guess, do not stand up to any criticism, but it is likely that they can serve as the basis for a truly effective business plan.

Well, the most important thing. Active work is the most correct approach to finding solutions. Do not spend too much time thinking nuances. If you do not take steps forward, and just stagnate in place, you can lose enthusiasm and desire to do something.

18. May 2017 by Ekaterina
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