How to start your business. The first steps to the development of their business.

  How to start your business

Suppose for 3 months will be postponed $ 500. (Your first personal, free capital).

We take this money and buy from the small wholesalers the most running material that is used in your work. We buy from the calculation to approximately enough for 2 weeks.

The easiest way to buy via the Internet, find the items you are interested in compare prices and buy (get an online wallet, I would advise Paypal or open a bank account).

To ship the first goods is necessary through the transport company which is in any city (if you have too small a city, in the neighborhood necessarily there is a city larger in which these companies are present).

I can advise the transport company FasTrans, I have been working with them for 10 years, no complaints.

To ship naturally to your name and surname, your data and the data of the transport company, provide the supplier.

The main cities from which it makes sense to buy New York, Washington, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, California.

Any more less serious transport company has representative offices in these cities where the supplier can bring and ship the goods to you.

Here we quietly establish channels and logistics for our future business.

And so the first goods are ordered and received (bring home, or in the garage, or wherever you can store it, naturally the storage conditions must correspond to the category of the goods).

Having a small amount of goods, however paradoxical it sounds, you start buying it at an average price of stores.

You are the very first customer for your business!

Here you need to understand that this product you would already have acquired (this is the normal basic expenses in the work), only this money would have gone to strangers.

We take the goods, we count how much it costs in stores and this amount is paid to the same account from which it is impossible to withdraw money.

Exceptions should not be any (consider that you bought the goods in the store and this money you do not have).

This is your first sale (here I will specify the mark-up of stores varies from 30% to 150%), they are yours, but this is a guarantee for the future – inviolable stock.

We continue to work on the same scheme, we render services from earned money, we save 33% on the account and put aside money for goods, again we buy goods and sell ourselves.

You already “overgrown” with constant clientele. In no case can you relax.

Discipline in business is the key to success! So, for the first year, it is guaranteed in this way to get savings of $ 5000. Minimum (will be $ 10,000 fine and by the way it does not matter whether this money is “live” or invested in the goods).

It is advisable to purchase in the first 6-8 months all the main categories of goods that are used in the work.

And now with this money you can go to the second part of business development you can open your own small store.

Already the fact that this money is earned by your own hands inspires confidence and reliability, then that the business will develop and will bring a good income should not cause any doubts.

16. May 2017 by Ekaterina
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