Each yogi will receive +100500 to karma for recycling wine corks!

I set a precedent – I’ll show you all over the Internet that six months is 1 person, having enough money to not go to the unloved work, using one tool, any social network can make a successful commercial project.


In St. Petersburg launched a unique environmental project.
What is ReCork Shop?
Is a nonprofit ecological project that aims to create the first in Russia the program of recycling wine corks
How did you get that idea?
The idea is not mine, I will not hide, but everything in order. I’m a fan of clean and moved 2 years ago to his young man, the first thing started to throw stuff out of the house. Oh yeah, it was a hard fight, but we made a lot of important steps, for example, sold on Avito things years collecting dust in the closet. And all these 2 years of my troubled soul haunted vase with dusty wine bottles in our kitchen, this vase has literally become a thorn in my eye, because it’s the first thing I see, turning my head to the TV during Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Asked loved to throw them, he refused, citing the fact that in a Fragrant World for some amount of wine corks give a discount on wine.
“In how many? And when you’re in a Fragrant World will go to take it? Did you know that their store is our LCD?” – easy pushing as I call it.
You have to get rid of alcoholic sentimentality of a loved one you still failed?
Well, not quite, cork moved the package under the sink, so as not to RUB my eyes and release the vase for flowers – optimization!
What motivated you to continue to look for ways of utilization of the tubes, because you already managed to neutralize the irritant?
A big spring cleaning. This is when I’m in the kitchen turn everything upside down, in an attempt to make this space more comfortable and cozier. Again crawled out of the darkness of this package with plugs.
Ok, Google: What to do with wine corks?
1. To understand and forgive, ie. accept that to dispose of them in Russia environmentally friendly way possible.
2. Rivet strange and unnecessary decor from wine corks.
Both off target. Okay, and that there are civilized countries think about this?
Ok, Google: Recycle wine corks

For those who are too lazy to follow the link In the US and Canada since 2008, the year wine corks recycled into secondary raw materials, which produce cork blocks, yoga.
The goal of ReCORK Shop to create the first in Russia the program of recycling wine corks by repeating the success of the program ReCORK
Let us return to the question of the implementation of your idea? What are you going to do?
I have time until the end to check whether this project has a chance to survive in Russia. A detailed project implementation plan I am ready to discuss with potential partners.
Life is full of possibilities!

05. October 2017 by Ekaterina
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