The key event AR industry forum AVRA DAYS Skolkovo

24 October AVRA DAYS Skolkovo — business forum on technologies of virtual and augmented reality in business processes. Will present the main technological event of the Association of augmented and virtual reality AVRA in conjunction with the information technologies Cluster of the SKOLKOVO Foundation at the site of the Innovation center “SKOLKOVO”. The forum will bring together knowledge and experience of Russian and international AR companies, representatives of big business and the state, industry players, marketers and creative ad agencies. AR/VR technologies are not only a way to achieve a wow-effect, but also an effective tool for business marketing, real estate, education, medicine, games, film and animation. During the forum 40 key experts from Russian and international companies will share how they are using AR/VR technology to solve their business problems. The forum will also get to share the experience of using VR for movie and entertainment Jake ZIM is the senior Vice President, VR-the direction of Sony Pictures Entertainment, which received the title of the first VR-the king’s main Studio. The President of the European Association of EuroVR Marco Sacco will talk about the development of the industry in Europe. On the strategic development of technological trek across the country to tell the creators and leaders of the Digital economy, representatives of large corporations and state agencies, recognized experts. In the section on marketing will feature the best advertising and marketing cases with AR/VR technologies. Analysis projects will be from both the goals and objectives of the customer, and on the technical side of the VR company. Participants will be able to ask questions and to know the reasons for the success of well-known marketing cases. Innovation forum this year will be a massive Battle AVRA Marketing presentation ideas advertising projects with AR/VR, created briefs for clients. VR-the company and the creative Agency during the week prior to the event will be to solve complex customer challenges. The final presentation, case analysis, selection of best solutions will be held on the stage of the AVRA DAYS Skolkovo. Organizational partners were the VR company Yode Group and Hello Computer. AVRA DAYS Skolkovo is a unique opportunity not only to touch the world of virtual reality and plunge into it headlong. To see inside all the promising tech start-UPS will be in the exhibition area. More than 30 participants will demonstrate the possibilities of AR/VR for all business areas. Among the participants in the industry: Yode Group, Vizerra Planoplan, Fibrum, Hologroup, Nettle, Antilatency, 3DiVi. “For a long time have all seen the tip of the iceberg, but it’s time to tell you how AR/VR technology can benefit businesses in different sectors: how is it possible to streamline business processes, make more efficient the learning how to win the hearts of users and to achieve their goals with innovative tools,” says the head of the AVRA Filatova Ekaterina. “The purpose of the business forum — now, today, to find and to show the real point of application of technologies of AR/VR in the immediate business objectives and to meet relevant people from the business with the leading Russian developers. Of course, this completely fits into the strategy of the it Cluster and the philosophy of the innovation center “SKOLKOVO”, – said the head of VR/AR, gamedev, media & entertainment Alexey kalenchuk. Date: 24 Oct Time: from 10.00 to 19.00 Venue: Moscow, street Big Boulevard 42 s. 1, SKOLKOVO Innovation center, Technopark “SKOLKOVO” Website: Registration on the website Reference information
AVRA — Association of augmented and virtual reality, the CIS, uniting AR/VR-the company, business, government agencies, investors, and industry professionals. Professional community Association has more than 400 participants and 15 key companies. The Association is developing AR/VR-the direction in Russia, working with key technology companies and helps with the international level. In the activities of AVRA includes market Analytics and consulting. In the spring of 2017, the Association conducted market analysis and presented a map of the AR/VR market. Within the Association community Association holds specialized events for business and developers. For 2 years activities conducted 3 business conference, 6 hackathon, more than 20 mitapov and lectures. One of the activities is an annual business forum, which this year is held together with the Fund “SKOLKOVO”. Earlier, in 2016 in Moscow AVRA DAYS forum gathered more than 1000 participants wishing to develop and build your business with VR/AR-technology. In the spring of 2017 international conference AVRA DAYS Minsk brought together experts from Russia, Belarus, USA, Japan, Europe and Cyprus. Within AVRA DAYS Skolkovo organizers will expand the boundaries of the forum a variety of topics, formats, bright speakers and guests. Website: The SKOLKOVO Foundation is a non — profit organization established at the initiative of the Russian President in September 2010. The purpose of the Foundation is to mobilize Russia’s resources in modern applied research through the creation of favourable environment for R & d in five priority areas of technological development: energy efficiency, space, Biomedicine, nuclear and computer technologies. The Fund is responsible for project management of the Innovation center “SKOLKOVO”, which is regulated by a special law, providing the participating companies (currently over 1,700) special economic conditions. The total revenue of the participants exceeded 130 billion rubles. They created 22.1 thousand jobs, received 1,100 patents. An important part of the ecosystem of SKOLKOVO is a research University, the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology (Skoltech) established and operating with the support of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. By 2020, SKOLKOVO will be built over 2 million square feet of industrial, office and residential space in the innovation center will employ 35,000 people. Website:

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