3D-printed beak for injured ducks

Blue – gray duck is living in Michigan, which were once attacked by a pig, depriving her of the beak and of the tongue. Thanks to 3D printing, this duck started to look and feel almost the same as before the accident. All because the owner of the joint with the vet and the company C3 3D worked on the reconstruction of the bird’s beak. The founder of C3 UP, Chris Williams, loves animals. Thanks to his technology for many birds and other animals was printed on a 3D printer prostheses (mainly dentures paws), so hearing about blue, he could not help. After simulation, test specimens, testing them, selecting the ideal option and printing of Kevlar and nylon, the new beak was attached in place of the old during the two-hour operation. The bird has adapted to it very quickly and now she can live as if nothing happened.

13. January 2018 by Ekaterina
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