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Облачный майнинг биткоинов
Service cloud of mining opened more than three years ago. Such a long life project and the ongoing payments have already witnessed the seriousness of its leaders. The service is owned company LIFETIME Technologies Co., Ltd, which, in turn, is a subsidiary of Monstar Lab, Inc. The domain is registered in Thailand, and the website is available in 4 languages: Thai, Chinese, Russian and English. Stable operation of the project also provide income from investments in alternative energy.

The terms of the offer

The service provides rental equipment for kriptomayning up to 15 years. Calculation in the system using bitcoin (PTS) in which users lease the capacity (1000 GHS in 0.9 USDT / day). The amount of the investment increases by 5% annually. When registering, the user receives 50 gift GHS, which cannot be withdrawn without the prior lease of the capacity service for an amount not less than 20 GHS. In addition, you can gain profit for a referral link. The service is provided within 3 packages: free, standard and VIP. Облачный майнинг Free package has the lowest profit level for referral links, does not provide access to the withdrawal and does not require additional documents for authentication. The Standard package allows withdraw the amount of at least 0.0002 btc, does not require additional verification of your identity and assigns the referral level from 1 to 5. To activate the package you can put on Deposit the amount of 20 GHS or to conclude a contract for 1000 GHS for a period of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years or 15 years. If you choose the package VIP, you not only specify the email address, but to send copies of passport and residence on The threshold is the minimum amount of conclusion is no less than 0.0001 btc, but to activate the package you must Deposit an amount not less than 100 000 GHS for 1, 3 or 15 years.

Account registration

To get started you need to register, providing your name, username, password, and email address. Облачный майнинг After you confirm through the link sent in the email, the user accesses the account. To enter you will also need a six-digit code provided on your registration form. Облачный майнинг Purchase GHS on the tab “Buy”. For convenience, the functionality is arranged very simply. Putting the terms of the contract, it is possible to calculate the amount of profit in one day. Облачный майнинг

Protection against hacking and legal issues

Additional protection from hacker attacks is provided by the Google Authenticator app that you can install on your smartphone or PC. For issues with logging into the site should also synchronize their time devices with the time on the website. It must be remembered that the service reserves the right to block the account if the user is spamming the resource. To resolve disputed issues can be addressed in technical support. The company is registered in Thailand, therefore, the disputed issues are resolved in the Thai arbitration center.

Profit and return on investment

To calculate the amount of profit will help users calculator: Облачный майнинг The profitability of the investment depends on the selected package and the size of the Deposit. For example, if you hire 100 000 GHS for 15 years, the profitability ratio (ROI) reaches 2600%! But this does not mean that rewards users with smaller deposits will be unattractive. Even if the investment is only 20 GHS, users will be able to 0.9$ per day and ROI in this case will be 30% off! Thus, even a short-term contract will bring the investor an income of 130%.

Payment and feedback on the service receives positive feedback from users of the network, and is one of the services of cloud mining, which “pay”. The project has already proved its worth and has received high marks in the rankings of the services of cloud mining.

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