Scrum Time — a project management system

Scrum Time is a web service for managing projects and tasks. In the basic core of the system laid down methodologies like Scrum and Kanban.
The mission of the project Our mission is to make a system that meets the needs of the majority, and maybe even each. We ask all users not to be shy and to Express their desire to change the system and add new features. Every desire is logged in our backlog and if it is not contrary to the overall philosophy is implemented. Therefore, the vector of development of the system asking the users themselves. The second important point is the simplicity of the service. Any person needs to open and start to work, not to study before that a lot of literature. However, this approach does not affect the functionality. Any additional essential functions included “hot” in each project separately. The service Creating, deleting, and editing tasks; The purpose of the initiator, responsible and performers of the task; The evaluation of each task in points (SP) Check the sheet; Internal messenger; Commenting on tasks and projects; Filtering tasks by tags; Metrics for measuring results; The ability to use iteration; The notification system. Formats of service At Scrum Time are presented in three formats: Scrum Style — for those who need sprints; Dashboard — a simple Board without all the excess; Kanban — ability to create and edit your own statuses. Can be used as a base for CRM.

13. October 2017 by Ekaterina
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