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   How to start your own business?

Starting your business from scratch is not as hard as it might seem from the beginning. There are different options for starting your own business, when you have money, or vice versa, there is no money at all, but there may be money, but it seems to you that they are not enough to start.


In this article, I want to consider how to start a business from scratch without having your own savings.

And so proceed:

The only way to build a business from scratch without initial investment is to start your business from the service sector.

This type of business with due attention and the right decisions can achieve very good results in terms of profits.

In the future, such a business can be developed and transferred to the next levels, more attractive financially.

  How to build and develop a business from scratch?

In general, the construction of small businesses, I would break into 3 categories and they can be developed from smaller to larger:

Start a business in services without money or with minimal funds. In the absence of money, this is the only way to get into business.
To open your business a shop or a small production, here you can include further development of the service industry (opening your beauty salon, etc.). The minimum threshold of entry when opening a store or production is $ 5000. As for the development of the service sector, then of course this amount may vary.
Build a prosperous business. This item is an evolutionary development of the second item and includes the development and expansion of your business.
Quite often, when entrepreneurs reach a certain point of income, they stop and stop developing their business. Considering that this is enough. I honestly do not quite understand this category.

You should always go ahead if you can earn not $ 2000 a month, but $ 4000 why not do it.

Let’s start with the first category, the situation when you do not have your own money to start a business.

 1. Start a business from scratch without money

If you do not have your own savings to start a business, you will have to start your business without money from the services sector. That is, to earn their own money. To do this, you need to decide in which area you are an expert and what services you could provide.

We are all experts at least in one thing. Some people are specialists in several fields at the same time. Which business to choose is up to you.


So it is necessary to decide what is closer to you:

(You know how to sew well-you provide services for repair and tailoring, well know Photoshop-you provide advertising services, know how to bake-you provide services for making cakes for weddings birthdays and anniversaries, know how to glue wallpapers, provide repair services, know how to do massage-do massage, Know how to repair electronics, repair electronics, understand the device of the car, provide car repair services, understand computers – provide services for setting up software, etc.) The main point is clear.

In order to build a successful business from scratch, you must choose exactly the direction in which you are an expert.

The main task at the first stage is to become independent of the employer. So that you can fully devote your time to building a business and not left without a livelihood.

Any of the directions of services in the future will go to a new stage in the organization of your own business in which your own customer base will be already created during your activity (which will necessarily use your services if necessary).

The obligatory condition is the performance of all works in a qualitative way, it is desirable to provide at least some half-year guarantee for all kinds of their work.

In the beginning, we earn money and recruit customers, in the future they will be the backbone of our business, which will use our services and goods in the further development of business.

VERY IMPORTANT: for the subsequent development of business it is necessary to start saving.

We work according to the scheme: we save 33% of all earned money (consider that you are a citizen of another state came to earn and pay income tax, it is just 33% of the salary).

Again, this is very important, otherwise it will be impossible to develop further business. It does not matter how much you earned $ 2. Or $ 100. With all the money, save 33%.

Make an account from which there is no possibility to withdraw this money during the months of 3-6, and under no circumstance do they remove them (consider that you do not have them).

In the process of providing services, you will have to buy a certain amount of materials depending on what services you provide. This is true for almost all services.

After 3 months, you will be deposited a certain amount of money, depending on what services are provided.

When providing almost any type of services, income can not be less than $ 500. per month.

If it is lower, then the problem is in the wrong construction of the activity, it means that they were wrongly engaged in advertising and because of this there were no clients.

I want to note that the demand for services is always independent of the season. When the season is just demand is greatly increasing, but within a year the work is also there.

And your main task is to attract these people to yourself.

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