Storytelling in business

Сторителлинг в бизнесе
Tales for business? Why not! Or as a network of biomarkets Karma Store in anticipation of the launch of the franchise decided on an interesting marketing ploy. Now the conduct of micro-blogging in Instagram will surprise few people – here and there are offered different forms of cheating, mass following, create chat rooms bloggers on the team commenting each other’s posts, is the raffle a million iPhones or binge-closing credits – and that’s not all methods of doing business in social networks. Сторителлинг в бизнесе

There are more “green” ways to promote your own business in the online space – native forms of advertising, helping the reader to engage in the idea of the written posts, not realizing that this is or at least without causing irritation on the back of the screen. Karma Store time, estimated that the emphasis in social networks has shifted with beautiful pictures on quality content and before starting its franchise network engaged in storytelling, do not hesitate to open your reader and telling funny work moments of its history of eco-products. This move for almost a couple of months led to a 30% increase in subscribers, which is much more interesting to read that the milk on the shelves will not be next week, because the cows ate wormwood and evening delivery has been delayed, because the courier Sasha’s daughter, or that tofu didn’t take 5 kg from 20kg ordered because got caught for traffic violations, and cash. In the age of information availability, when the eyes are blurred the boundaries between the CEO of the company and the end consumer, the scenes “business of food” fall not to the detriment of the reputation and the obvious benefit of business and online audience.

07. January 2018 by Ekaterina
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