We open own shop

 This stage will be considered at the opening of the store (if your services do not fit the category of the store, then promote your direction, the opening of a confectionery, photo salon, beauty salon, etc.). You have your own savings, it’s time to come to a new level.

Business from scratch store:

A) Pass registration in the regulatory authorities.

At the initial stage, I would recommend opening the IP (a free video-course is posted on the site as it is done, in the tab “video”).

Here we immediately determine the types of activities (OKVED) that we will implement.

B) Choose a taxation system (if the store is not large, it is better to choose the UTII (single tax on imputed income) and pay from the area or to become a USN (simplified taxation system) and choose 6% of total income, or 15% of income-expenditure ).

If the area of ​​the store is more than 150 square meters, then the IP automatically drops out of the UTII tax.

Taxes are desirable to be paid on time for two reasons:

Fine. With state structures, it’s better not to swear once again.
From taxes with timely payment, you can write off fixed contributions paid by the entrepreneur (about $ 100 per month).
C) Open a bank account. Although an IP can conduct business without a settlement account, I recommend that you still open it.

D) Studying the market (the number and geography of the location of shops of this direction in the city).

Learn at what prices work and with which suppliers.

You can call the store and introduce yourself as a representative of an organization and ask for a price.

They most likely will throw it to you on email (and so with 3-4 stores) all approximately work at one price.

E) Looking for suppliers that will provide you with goods, some of them you already have and so (after all, you have already made purchases earlier during the provision of services). Suppliers are looking on the Internet, be sure to read about them reviews.

There are suppliers who offer goods for sale with a deferred payment, although this is rare, but if you find such it will be a big plus (I myself work with 2 such suppliers).

Determine with logistics, who and on what terms will deal with the delivery of our goods.

Choose only proven suppliers about which good reviews. There are transport companies that work very poorly (for example, your cargo can be sent accidentally to the wrong city).

E) You buy the goods, the settlement account starts working, at the same time we already form an approximate picture of the general concept (design) of the store.

Starting from this, you buy equipment.

If you work on taxation of the UTII, then the cash register will not be required, it will be enough for NMP (check-printing machine), it costs from $ 70. And does not require any additional maintenance.

In other cases of taxation, it will be necessary to put a cash register with fiscal memory at a price of $ 300. Plus it will be necessary to annually purchase holograms for $ 40 and pay monthly maintenance from $ 10. Up to $ 20. (Although this service is simply on paper, the contract with Metroves is concluded and these fees are paid monthly, for nothing).

Shop windows are purchased depending on the category of goods you intend to trade.

Now you wait when the goods and equipment come. Slowly start looking for a trading place.

G) Looking for a place to shop based on your market research. Choose a place or in an area where there are no competitors at all, or vice versa where they are as much as possible.

For example, if you are engaged in an electrician, then it is better to take a place in a construction shop where, without you, 3-4 competitors. This place has already been worked out and it will be easier to swing. Less need to invest in advertising.

H) Conclude the lease (if possible, you need to make a division of the area into warehouse and trade, the tax of the UTII is paid precisely from the sales area, so you reduce the tax burden), import the trade equipment and goods.

Do not throw the service in any way. So they also render. Take on the work of the seller (they themselves are engaged in services, because for a month you will earn a lot more than you will save by working instead of the seller).

You hand over the goods to the seller, everything is recounted (there must be complete control) so that a person does not have a hint that something can be stolen or not pierced through the cash register.

And this applies to at least the seller from the side, though familiar. You yourself should know how things stand with you, without it, you can not build a successful business.

I) Give advertising. Advertising is the engine of the trade and this is true 100%. Whichever product you have, and no prices, if nobody knows about you, you will not have visitors and as a consequence of sales.

You provide services and at the same time sell goods (on the example of plumbing: you were called to replace the siphon, and a person has an old mixer, you just suggest that he buy a new one in your store).

Order cards with 5% -10% discount and all your customers hand them. Let them purchase goods in your store at a discount.

When you open a store, call your potential customers by product category, that is, competitors (those who provide the same services as you).

Make them a partner card with a 10% discount, in 80% of cases they will come to purchase material for their work from you (they will in any case buy the product, then let it be better for you).

J) Open the store and wait for the first visitors.

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