Credit for business: what business plan will be pleasant to bank?

One of the sources of project financing can be an investment bank. He has his own methods for assessing risk and prospects, but the main document that analysts consider the bank is a business plan – that is, a detailed program for the development of the enterprise. It is an underdeveloped plan that is the most frequent reason for refusals to issue a loan.

Every business plan is special

Although the business plan is a strict financial document, it can not be said that its creation is a purely technical process. Many businessmen believe that it is possible to draw up a business plan for a certain pattern that guarantees success. This is impossible, because in the world there are no identical businesses. Features of the country, legislation, competition, the cost of goods and services, the composition of the team – all leaves its mark and makes the business in its own unique. Therefore, the creation of a business plan must be treated in two ways: on the one hand, there are generally accepted norms for drawing up such documents (with the possibility of deviating from them); on the other hand, you need to bring an element of creativity into the business plan, highlighting the strongest aspects of your company and those original conditions , In which you will develop.

Give it to the professionals?

18. May 2017 by Ekaterina
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