How to save money?

Today an article on the topic of saving and accumulating money. Often people try to start their business with accumulated savings.

In the modern world, it is very difficult to start saving money, as in the world there are many goods that tempt a person to spend it. This problem is an urgent and painful issue for a larger number of people around the globe.

At the same time, money can be accumulated if you act correctly and wisely, without wasting them on empty purchases, in which people absolutely do not need.

If you start saving and saving one time, the money will not only begin to be saved, but even this accumulation procedure will become an interesting and useful activity.

To start saving up
To start saving, first you need to determine the costs – what you need and how much, and what you can afford to refuse to get something better.

Then ask yourself the question of what you want to buy on the accumulated money, and what time is needed to accumulate the right amount.

To do this, you need to determine how much money you need to save each month in order to buy the necessary thing for the appointed time.
Also, keep in mind that the amount you postpone was insignificant for you, so as not to sharply change the usual lifestyle to which you are accustomed.

How to save money
In order to start saving, it is necessary in advance to save money for needs that will go to travel, lunch at work, food, phone and internet, housing fees and so on. And put the rest of the money in a piggy bank and from there they do not take any more, no matter how much you want.

You should try to be content with what you have set aside for yourself this month. If you can not allocate funds for savings, think carefully about what can be excluded from the amount of expenses.

This can be a refusal from lunch in the dining room – it’s better to take lunch from home, which will save your budget significantly. You can also save on transport, when you can walk to work on foot – a walk in fresh air will never prevent, but make a small exercise.

Recording income or expenses is an excellent solution to start saving. This procedure will help to properly manage money, and you can not afford to buy an unnecessary thing. At the end of each month, make a summary on what else you can save and without which you can do without.

For the rule, take yourself one trick – always use special money boxes where you can put money, but you can not pull it out until the money box is full. If you follow certain tricks, your budget will be replenished, after which you can afford to buy yourself a more important and expensive thing.

Also, to save money, I would recommend getting rid of such bad habits:

Smoking. Stable consumption of the smoker is daily. In addition to the fact that you spend money on cigarettes, you also ruin your health. I know that it’s not easy to quit, I’ve already given it 10 times, but it needs to be done. Especially now, such laws and cigarette prices have almost doubled. The average smoker will save up to $ 50. per month.
Alcohol. Here the comments are simply superfluous, one “sit-down” with friends siping a beer will result in a loss of $ 10 -20 $. Typically, this happens at least once a week. Total costs of 50 $ – 100 $.
It’s not difficult to calculate that for a year after giving up bad habits you can save at least $ 2000 for your budget. ?!?! Think about this figure. You can fly for 2 weeks on vacation abroad. Buy yourself a new laptop or other useful thing.

07. June 2017 by Ekaterina
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