Game Asyk, “chick-book”

The basic rules are the same as in the game “Three legs”. Description and General provisions can be viewed in the first article about Asyk — “the Game of Asyk”.

The differences are in the addition of the element of chance. The type of the Russian “Avos”.

After hitting a player Sochi Cohn and successful knocking out of one or more of Mosley, compare the provisions of which are embossed Mosley and Socko. Let’s say Socko is lying buck up, and one Motel is the same buck to the top, when it flew from Kona more than 3 feet. In this case, the player that inflicted the blow, and got to the con, said: “Buk-Buk” and takes asyk.

The meaning of Buk Buk takes, chick takes chick, Tagan takes it all. If Socko after hitting stood at alcha, all players must “utsushite” it on one foot. If otschel, that is recaptured on a box of juice alcha his Sochi paw, receives from the host the nets at alcha one asyk. If missed or parried less than a paw, give asyk. Otsosite can be very difficult because of the distance, which changes frequently in the game.

Also wanted to tell about the technique of blow Sochi at stake.

The player raises the heel of the left foot (for right-handers) to the place where Pollensa. The Socko holding in his right hand with thumb and forefinger. Doing a test swing, taking aim. At the end of test swings, rotates a box of juice, holding with fingertips around the axis passing through the pop tradition. Horn asyk describe circles. Sometimes after two or three swings, and spins the player hits three times by chick nets on the Tagan another bone in his left hand. This little ritual allows the kid to make a good effective blow, and the audience to appreciate the mastery of technique and to conclude: “It is a novice, I will easily beat, or it is necessary to keep an ear out for!”

Illustration Rodomir Radar specifically for YesLiberty

After aiming and swing the player strikes at the stake. I want to note that every shot in the game is very important. Sometimes, when a large number of participants, many did not even manage to hit once. More experienced guys tactically leave no chances for beginners. Straight right hand batsman describes an arc starting behind and ending in the direction of the line. At the time of separation from the fingers the juice is given a further rotational movement around the axis perpendicular to the ground. With a successful hit Kon shatters with a loud click, and Socko remains next to the con, it is very convenient for further shots, as in Billiards.

The game of “chick-book” is particularly popular with beginners and inexperienced players. Experienced malignity more willing to cut a “Circle” and “Womb.” About it in following articles.

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