Game Asyk, “Katale”

A simple game helps to develop accuracy, strength, and endurance. Popular with boys remaining without reserves of Mosley as a result of the loss in the “Three legs” and “chick book”.

The principle is simple, play often two. By throwing sochek on asphalt choose the next move. The first throws the player whose Socko stood on the first Tagan. asyk_photo_2017-11-25_tagan2

You need to throw as far as possible, however, using the technique at stake. The second player must get his Sochi in the Socko opponent. If gets the first lucky second for yourself the second to Socko. The second player again hits the Socko first. If came back, again went. If missed, the turn passes to the first.

So on ad infinitum, until enough strength and desire. What other benefits in this game? When you hit the Socko enemy has to throw at long distances. Develops core strength and accuracy of shots. Games “League” such as “Circle” and “Uterus” used heavy blows at long range. All the boys want to play in the major leagues, and to play it successfully. According to this, have lost bone and have nothing to stake — train in idle.

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27. November 2017 by Diamon
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