Game Asyk, “Circle”

Game for experienced older players, but any kid, even a toddler could participate. Sometimes to create the mass is even welcomed. Had to wait patiently when the kids make their insecure and molefraction strikes, especially because of discounts or who was not on the line they put. When you set a quorum of experienced mouligneau, novice went to improve skills in the “Three legs” and “chick book”. And who was already at zero played in “Katale”.

A circle chalked two people. One stood in the center and kept revolving for the second hand, who squat spun and a second hand held circle. In the center was done the line, the radius had to be about 10 feet. Two sides of the circle at a distance of 3 feet, spent “the breaker”. This is the line with which beat.

The sequence was determined, as usual, throwing sochek. Often, the games were divided into pairs that it gave:

  • The game became a team.
  • To select the order in 2 times decreased the number of sochek, often it was necessary.
  • Partner cleaned up nawalany asyk.

Embossed were considered asyk off for a circle. Not emitted sought in order of priority, with the circle line. If Mosel flew from Kona less than 1 foot, put it back on the line. If Mosul fell, before they reach the circle less than 1 feet, it knocked through the circle.

There were two options to beat through the circle:

  • Knock asyk has been on the circle line. The player doing the throw from the opposite side. It was enough to hurt Sochi asyk, and he flew. The difficulty lay in the accuracy throw distance increased 2 times.
  • Mosel was placed at a distance of 1 feet from the circle, chick up, alcha to the circle. Another test of fortune strikes using obychnoi technique, or, squatting on one knee, visrtual with pomoho the forces of the two fingers.

Illustration Rodomir Radar specifically for YesLiberty

Knocking through the circle was a kind of trick drumbeat. All participants watched with bated breath the actions of the master mouligneau sports. Sometimes were occupational injuries. The hand will wipe the asphalt with all the fluff, then the nails will break, trying to securtity.

When beaten out all lavalaye Mosley, con restored — “Moved the teeth”. It should be noted that the distance between the asyk was less than the smallest side of the bone, but not dense. Proper placement of the stake can be seen by the alternation of Taganov and alcha.

Illustration Rodomir Radar specifically for YesLiberty

Beautifully looked biggest con in the beginning of the game, but even more beautiful loud click Socko at stake, in which two bone flew for the round, and far into the bushes. A loud chorus of exhalation Oh, and do you feel Maradona, who scored a goal. After many years realize that it was the main prize of the game, and not some mutton bones in a pocket.

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