Game Asyk, “Uterus”


The biggest event of the season is the game in the “Womb”. Held in the moment of maximum of the congregation wishing to show themselves and fill their pockets lamb bones.

As a lot of people, the rules allow for it and eliminate the long wait for their turn to beat on the line. All nawalany Mosley put again on the line, with penalty, only take out the round. (For details on the terms described in the previous article, “Circle”) In the center of Kona, which reaches 20-30 asyk, is on the horns of the largest and most beautiful asyk. It is called “Uterus”. Knock it over the circle and take the whole stake, not knock out, then bring on the line again.

Due to such regulations the line moves quickly, the players try to hit hard, guaranteed to knock when hit. A strong blow affects the accuracy, and it is necessary to beat not with a standard breaker (3 feet from the circle). The line endured for 5-10 clutches of the circle of agreement. Round and round contenders strikes. Kon quickly filled up by free throws by Mosley and reaches record size.

Finally after a good blow of the Uterus flies out of the circle and generally lurking over the horizon. The hero of the game, often with a partner, rakes con and hastily leaves the place of the competition. The players have not yet recovered and did not try to contest the win. Could find a reason to deny cheating and winning. But at this level rarely cheated, not “Three feet” or “chick-book” the big leagues no matter how how.

Illustration Rodomir Radar specifically for YesLiberty

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30. November 2017 by Diamon
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