Game asyk “Three legs”

In a previous article there is a description of asyks.

Game for the youngest beginners mouligneau. Played by 2-4 people, if more, not interested. Put at stake 1-4 mosleh. One put when a limited number of asyks or many players. More interesting to play when the big con of 4-10 pieces. Con — a line drawn on the pavement with chalk.

Then choose what is “ulitsa”. Take the nets playing in the palm and thrown to the pavement. Whose first rise “Tagan” (Tagan up) uritsa first. Whose second — the second. And so on.


To uritsa — throw her a box of juice, standing with his heel on the line, in the place where I will beat stake. Then its tactics. The first has the farthest throw. Throw far enough to hit first, hard to get. Throw close, the following players can you “Sauret,” i.e., to throw a little bit farther, but to beat first. For example, the first thrown away at the second and subsequent have the choice to seurity and the first to hit and miss or throw closer, to wait until the first miss and beat himself, but we must remember that the following can Sauret.

When all was pourris, it becomes clear for anyone who has and what are the chances of all. Someone will beat and hit or miss, and someone may not even hit. The last has the advantage, he might throw a box of juice next to the con and say “Left.” This means, if everything in front of him misses, he can “visorlite” all con one bone. “Sortite” — to give the Socko rotational movement of the thumb and index finger of the right hand. Upon impact with the distance used a combination of translational and rotational motion.

If all hit and no one came, urada again. And so on.

When hit the player must knock asyk (asyk) from the Kona 3 “legs” and more. Paw — the foot of the player. If less is “can fight”. Mosley launched on 3 paws and more the player takes in the pocket and hits nawalany that much harder. The following has first nawalany, then at the stake, if takes nawalany. And so on until the last bone.


26. November 2017 by Diamon
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