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Came to visit mother-in-law. Charged creative itch after a trip to St. Petersburg at the exhibition. Asked to tell about the game asyk, in which I and my peers played in childhood, from 7 to 12 years. It was in the seventies and eighties years of the 20th century, in the city of Alma-ATA. Now playing Mosley (another, more rude street name), but much less. Modern children other Hobbies.

When was this?

Season game asyk began about the middle of March, when in Alma-ATA on dry asphalt after winter. Peak had spring break in late March. To school do not have to walk on the street warm and Sunny, nature comes alive. We spent the day playing in the fresh air. The season lasted until summer. My friends and I walked neighbor’s yard and cleaned the pockets of the neighbor’s boys from Mosley in a fair game. The fight between the districts during the spring games in Mosley overturned to strengthen trade relations. At the end of the sports-asechnoe career I drew with paint on the pavement round to play Mosley under the Windows of his apartment. After that, our yard was about the biggest game, up to 20 people. Rates were also grown-up 2-4 a bone on the line.


Illustration Rodomir Radar specifically for YesLiberty

What is the asyk?

This is a bone from the leg of a sheep. In Kazakhstan, the lamb is very popular, numerous flocks, like the bones from the legs of other animals — horses, cows and pigs were found much less frequently. More valued raw bones, they were heavier and less worn off on the asphalt in the game. Mosley was painting nail Polish which I stole from my mom. The large and heavy we use them to beat. Was allowed to wrap a thick copper wire to weight and the best sliding on the asphalt while throwing. Asyk, who was beaten, called “Socko”. Pour the Socko lead was forbidden. Those who are breaking the rules, poured the lead and concealed it, were punished by suspension from the game and throw it “Salida” in the bushes. To calculate it was just the lead started to hang out inside the nets. Any player can check the Socko opponents usually have been especially successful beats new Sochi. The Socko was shaking in his hands, near the ear. If you’ve heard or felt a suspicious vibration, carefully searched the hole for pouring the lead. The hole could seal the glue with sawdust bone obtained during drilling of bone. What is not contraband in a child’s life?
Asyk was “right” and “left”.

I played right. asyk_photo_2017-11-25_pravyi1The tradition is distinguished 6 sides:

  1. Tagan asyk_photo_2017-11-25_tagan1
  2. Alcha (Alic) asyk_photo_2017-11-25_alche1
  3. Chickasyk_photo_2017-11-25_cheeck1
  4. Beechasyk_photo_2017-11-25_buk1
  5. Hornsasyk_photo_2017-11-25_roga1
  6. Popasyk_photo_2017-11-25_pop1

Distances in games that have measured foot and the unit of length called “paw”. Markings done with chalk.

Games, names, and rules… in the following article.

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