Walk in the cloud

So I went out in the yard, the sun shines, well. Caught the cat, promassazhirovat. I have this on cat nerves calm, even as scrap. Working cat, good. Feed did not, was thrown into the garden, went to the street. Man is like the face is familiar.
Hey, I say, uncle, Hello. Something to me your face is familiar.
He said, not the uncle I told you and began to swear.
I told him, you know, uncle, you have no head, and the pan bolts — hefty booming.
He me in the face. I — him. Struggled a little bit. Competed. Kind of like the draw came out. Well, to hell with him, go where he was going. Again caught the cat, missed, like. Good the cat is working. Calm down, I’ll go to drink tea.

Say, here lied. Yeah, got a little carried away. In fact, it was not so.
Today I was walking in the cloud. Yes.
Left, then everything is as above indicated — the sun is shining, lepota. This, I think, the most it is the sea to go, rotten algae to breathe.
Caressed kotatko on track and are, therefore, a forward — fire or what — direct the smoke float in front of me. Sniffed — clean, does not smell gioninos. Step further, and clubs thicker. Here it is a fairy tale! thanks for the warning — now the forest will begin with mushrooms. But, alas, the cloud is an UN-magic! Some pictures and a little home.

It seems on the edge of the earth. Behind the rocks — the free fall.

Horizon littered? Where is he?!

The inhabitants of silent hill.

Just an awesome frame.


19. November 2017 by Diamon
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