Tale the Elevator

I went once to lift the state and the People. The people had sat down at the beginning, and the State in 1917 floor climbed. I had little People to leave 10 million — 11. Then a lot came in 1941-1945 floors, again, the Government has decided. D. I. Mendeleev predicted that at the level of the floor of 2000 People will be around 600 million, but mistaken, more than half have not reached.

In 2017 the floor People wanted to ask questions began to appear.
— Tell me, why do you destroy us?
— What are you, we love you! Services provided all sorts!
Services, your very Intrusive, useless and paid. They just need you. Why alcohol give, it’s a poison? And alcohol production belongs to the enemy by 90 %?
— They (the enemies) well paid in the budget, and we love to scold. Yes, and easier for us drunks to go, less thoughts and issues. Now times are tough, oil our requests to meet the planned increase in the Deposit feeders (budget) for your account.
— Trade in natural resources does not bring as much as you want, will the blood sucking?
Too many questions…

Then I woke up.

Illustration Radomir Radar, especially for YesLiberty .

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17. November 2017 by Diamon
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