The Theory Of Ivan Susanin. How to conduct successful negotiations with the Germans

Calling card — your face

Many famous and not so many projects were born at a meeting in cafes, airports or stations with the drawing of plans of a transaction or joint cooperation “on the napkin”, often literally. In such cases, business cards typically have with business representatives, which by the nature of their work have to spend a lot of negotiations. It is primarily managers of sales departments. From senior executives and business owners, occupied the strategic management of enterprises often does not have is business cards. “I understand that etiquette requires, but do not have time sometimes to check, I know, I haven’t watch it, phones and SMS to share”, etc. — we often hear in conversation. Moreover, the logistics industry, which “by definition” avant-garde connection, this issue is no exception.

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Directly with the cards the situation is even more interesting. Usually it is only on the prevailing difference of the size of the business cards of the European and Russian format. But it is not important. If the German card “Geschäftsführer” (Manager) or “Geschäftsleiter” (head), the level of judgment of that person is written. Although sometimes the big German or Austrian bosses, the position may not be at all indicated.

Since the days of Ivan Susanin in Russia not only confusing finding the right road. In the negotiations can participate several people, one of whom, in the business card says “CEO”, and the second or third assistant or a position of lower rank. For negotiations to succeed, the value perception of Zama can be much higher, because it is the closest relative of the owner or in modern slang negotiators — “LDPR”. The party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky this abbreviation is irrelevant. In the jargon of Russian business in the beginning there was the concept of “decision maker” — the Person accepting the Decision”. But the complexity of many Russian structures, the presence of “grey cardinals” and not always amenable to simple logic hierarchy demanded accurate clarification “of the liberal democratic party: the Person Really the Decision-maker”.

For internal use there technology “aerobatics”. In Russia, the status of the negotiators plays a much greater value than professional quality business. Often with the “heads of branches”, “Directors directions” and other categories of Junior management team for this reason, do not want to communicate. Especially this approach noticeable in Moscow. To solve this problem some time ago was found a simple solution. Now many “bilbasov” instead of heads of an average link are only “Deputy General Director for …” a variety of ways. Anyway, judging by the business cards and signatures in e-mail. And the number of “deputies” could reach several tens.

The ability to negotiate

The success of the negotiation process depends on the willingness to negotiate, the ability to perceive and use diverse, sometimes unexpected solutions. Most people still “Soviet” mentality have no more than three colors in the palette of solutions. If more options, you are confused, delay the decision or even avoid it — “will resolve itself, and the excess will fall off.” As a result, the negotiations come to a logical mind with the summary — “we need to think”.

Only instead of “think” inside a Russian businessman, there is a feeling of confusion and possible to get lost in the variety of offerings. Triggered a defensive reaction “to leave in English” in the modern interpretation of this concept. The same feelings arise, when you are unable to reach agreement on the planned pre-conditions.

The European partners in this situation are mostly more flexible. After waiting a short pause, they delimit the field of negotiations, those that are not ready to move, and those where it is possible to find a consensus. When selling goods may follow as a surprise to many Russian businessmen offer of the maximum possible purchase price. If approved, a price quotation with delivery terms the requirement is immediate “money on the table.” In the Russian view, this approach somehow implies the desire to “get rid of the goods” in almost all conditions. Often when the question is posed to our compatriots offer 20-30% and even 50% discount. The Europeans also solve several problems at once. Understand the seriousness of the counterpart, the potential to make a deal, changing the terms of delivery or packaging, and in General the ability of a partner to negotiate.

When negotiating for each side an important first result. However, in Europe there is a certain etiquette that is not meant to be broken. In the heyday of the trade in secondhand vehicles our businessman could find a car search engine in the Internet to book and haggle on the phone, to come to Germany and… to continue trading. From the point of view of etiquette here two different approaches: buying blindly and trades on site. In the first case, the secondary discussion of prices is possible only if there are significant differences from the claimed.

“No” is also a creative response

In Russia the collapse of the talks is enough to say “no”, put a point in the process. The Germans prefer the explanation that most “no” and archiving. With this approach, changing external or internal conditions in the future remains a possibility to return to the negotiation process, while not starting from scratch. Although one must admit that lately they do not always follow this good classic rule.

Dynamics and statics

In General, German business is dynamic in the desire to negotiate. But in some issues of domestic habits, rules, and even dogmas have a negative impact on the outcome of negotiations. For example, too much faith to the statistics. The Germans believe in “hand-drawn” sometimes the statistics are not so simple, but necessary.

Or in the calculation of the economic part of the logistics primarily based on the principles and requirements of the Russian customs, rather than the usual metrics of time, distance, and salary part.

If you are already running a joint project with European colleagues particularly noticeable impact indicators of the cash turnover on the speed of answering phone calls and e-mail and, consequently, the possibility to make operative changes. In the fall turnover, there are thousands of reasons to slow down the process. In Russia such a pronounced tendency there.

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