Create an Inspirational Quote Picture with PhotoDirector Mobile

Every now and then, we need inspirations to give us a boost and remind us that life is beautiful. I find all those visual quotes on Instagram or Tumblr to be inspiring and witty at time, and most of it they really make my day.

You can create such beautiful inspirations too with PhotoDirector Mobile, the new Text feature is easy yet customizable in unlimited ways. In ths tutorial, we will guide you to a few simple steps to create an inspirational quote image.
Start by importing a photo into PhotoDirector and Click on the “Text” icon.

There are two types of “Text” functions. In this tutorial, we will be using the regular text feature.
A text input box will appear where you can type in the quote. Note that there are several adjustments tools to customize the text:
  1. Font style: Bold or Italic
  2. Alignment: right, left or center
  3. Font type: there is a variety to choose from and also downloadable ones. All for free.
  4. Font color: color of the text, border and shadow with opacity sliders for each adjustment.

Click on Font Type and the options will be listed for easy selection
Click on Color and start by choosing font type color, then shadow of border. In this tutorial example, I have chosen colors that has more contrast with the background image, plus a drop shadow in darker color. Shadows and borders bring more contrast and make your text more easy to read.
Repeat the steps above to add more text using different font type or color.But you may use a consistent font type or color throughout. 
  1. Click this button to compare before and after
  2. Click on this button to roll back. You can use this feature to roll back several steps.
  3. Click on this button to save and share your quote picture.

More examples below:
Add a few strokes of Magic brush in the Pen Tools
Use different type face and colors too
Add a frame to finish the look
Now it’s your turn to create some quote pictures. They make wonderful inspirations to light up the day or great gifts to send to friends.
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Available for Apple, Android and Windows devices.

21. October 2017 by Diamon
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