Battle two-wheeled. Top selling Russian motorcycles

BMW R1200GS or “Goose”

Price: approximately 1 100 000 rubles

This curandero in 2017 became the most popular two-wheeled BMW, and in principle the most popular two-wheeled.

German two-cylinder 125 HP is suitable for both city driving and off-road and prokatov outside the city. During the trip, the pilot can choose the most convenient height of the bike depending on the riding conditions and when starting on the rise “goose” will not fall back. Pedantic Germans all stuffed with sensors that respond quickly to road conditions and allows you to configure any mode of driving. In addition, the BMW automatic stability control.

By the way, a flock of “geese”, made on special order, lives in the motogruppa MOE and the traffic police have for many years trust it by the Bavarian concern.

RC250 Racer

Price: about 90 000 rubles

Molecularly motorcycle Russian production, which is going to Barnaul from Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese and Russian components, a year ago was the most sold in Russia “iron horse”. But this year the domestic producer could not keep the BMW. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the company failed to seriously upgrade the lineup due to “the difficult economic situation and the ambiguous trends of motorcycles”, as claimed by the manufacturer. So was upgraded popular models, some of which even fell by 15-20%.

Russian used to be ready for anything, that’s probably why in this model range on any occasions: classic, cruiser, sport, Enduro… this Probably explains this wildly popular “rasero” our motorcyclists. Well, or Patriotic education played their role.

BMW S1000RR or “Cheese”

Price: 1 300 000 rubles

This odd-eyed liter Supersport with nothing can not be confused when you meet on the road. If you have time to see. “Cheese” 199 drawn by “horses” and equipped with CPR assistant (quick-shifter), which in the new version allows you to change gears without clutch is not only up, but down. However, the bikers complain about the unstable behavior of the motorcycle when using the quick shifter, so cornering is better the old-fashioned way to use the clutch.

Standard equipment includes: ABS, stability system, which will allow the pilot to feel more confident at high speed, the traction control system and dynamic damping.

Racer RC110

Price: about 50 000 rubles

And another representative of the Altai family, only less powerful. In his herd a total of 7 horses, but they vests. Well or not, the colors available in the range. Anyway, the model takes the fourth place in popularity among our compatriots. By the way, in order to ride this motorcycle enough to have the rights of the category A1, you can get at age 16 in contrast to the more Mature And outstanding 18.

Telescopic fork, air cooling system, flow rate of 2.2 per hundred and a maximum speed of 80 km/h And, by the way, this “Bolivar” can even get two maximum load declared by the manufacturer is 150 kg.

KTM Duke

Price: from 195 000 to 600 000 rubles

KTM Duke — have long been loved by bike riders, which is presented in several categories. We will introduce two versions of the Duke 200 and 690 CC.

Duke a single cylinder with a displacement of 199,5 cm3 and a power of 25 horsepower is the younger brother of almost 700-CC colleagues. Convenient for travel around the city, equipped with ABS, well managed and moderately dynamic, this bike is quite suitable for a beginner rider — will forgive mistakes and will likely not discourage the desire to drive it.

But, master, you have to switch to the more powerful, but still single-cylinder KTM 690 Duke with a 67-horsepower engine. This bike will allow you to drive around town and on the highway more rapidly than his less cubature counterpart. The manufacturer has equipped it with dual ignition, and the fuel consumption has been reduced by 10% compared to the average consumption for that class. “Senior” Duke is also equipped with ABS and Brembo brakes, and a narrow body and wide handlebars add to his handling.


Price: about 980 000

This Roadster is the third of BMW, which climbed four positions compared to last year’s result. A two-cylinder boxer engine of 125 HP, electronic suspension adjustment, which itself adapts to the conditions and driving style, dynamic traction control, electronic stability… in General, you understand. This horse is ready to make a company in the city, and on long journeys.

Honda CRF450

Price: 500 000 rubles

The manufacturer has released three versions of this bike: sports equipment without mirrors, lights, kick starter, in a word, bike for real adventurers and lovers to jump on the road and between trees in a forest, hard Enduro and Enduro with electric start, mirrors and headlights. Pilots say that the latter, in General, suitable for the city, but with reservations and an additional financial investment, and noted the reliability and excellent handling motorcycles in this series.

Fusion Desna

Price: approximately 80 000 rubles

Budget 200 CC vintage bike with a five-speed box and one cylinder, designed for those who want to support domestic producers. The bike is perfect for leisurely exploring the city and even experience easy roads (at least, so the manufacturer promises). The classic fit will allow the pilot quite a long time without discomfort in the body to experience the full power of a 12-horsepower engine. Somewhere there should be a sign “sarcasm” in the hands of the next pilot participant with a tenfold superiority in horses.

KTM Adventure

Price: about 850 000 rubles

Another curandero another KTM on our list. This Austrian standard is equipped with everything that can be useful in extreme travel: ABS, traction control, 125 “horses”. In the last few years KTM increasingly overshadowing the old-timers of this class, attracting the attention of an impressive performance, vivid orange-and-white designs and prices. But “Goose” until he caught up.


Price: about 1 800 000 rubles

And closes the top ten leaders, another Bavarian. Is this a six-cylinder 160-horsepower monster for tourist trips. Like its less cubature compatriots, this Tourer is equipped with a whole set of assistants: tri-mode dynamic traction control system hill-start assist on the rise, and sensitive sensors react to driving conditions and adjust the damping. Of the additional amenities provided Keyless entry. Even the saddlebags. Central locking, electric of Mitrovica, height adjustable seat, front speakers. By the way, this is a heavyweight, as its sporty sibling the S1000RR with the Shift Assistant Pro which allows you to shift gears up and down without squeezing the grip.

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