The future has arrived. Singapore airport opened its first terminal in the world without the staff

The cost of the new terminal 4 at the airport of Singapore is estimated at $723 million First used “terminal of the future” passengers, Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways. Just from the new terminal 9 fly airlines, among which are the Malaysian AirAsia Group, South Korea’s Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines Vietnam.

As notes the edition of the Straits Times, most of the passengers have successfully signed up for the flights, they did not have any problems in the first days of operation of the terminal, but some system failed to recognize personal data.

“The fact that their biometric data was not in the system, so the automatic landing system are unable to identify their identity,” explained managing Director airport Jason. As the newspaper notes, in General, passengers reacted positively to the novelty. According to them, the new system significantly saves time and is intuitive.

The new terminal is the first day of work took 19 flights and 4200 passengers. While the project works in pilot mode, the results of the tests a decision is made to automate the rest of the boarding terminals. When the terminal is fully operational, it will accept up to 16 million people per year, increasing the capacity of Changi airport to 82 million passengers.

Records best airport in the world

Changi in 2017 the fifth time in a row was named the best airport in the world version of the British research company Skytrax. He highly assessed the level of technological equipment and quality of service. So, in terminal 3 there is a garden with flowering plants and a six-meter waterfall, which is home to 40 species of tropical butterflies. In terminal 1 there is a swimming pool with Jacuzzi on the roof and a pond with water lilies. Terminal 2 offers travelers a collection of rare orchids, decorative mosaic sculptures as well as an entertainment center, where visitors all day for free show movies and to play Xbox.

Representatives of the Singapore Changi airport has promised by the end of the year set two records: to bring passenger traffic to 58.7 million people, as well as to add 130 new flights per week to 19 destinations, said in a statement released by one of Asia’s largest transport hubs.

In the first eight months of this year, the airport handled more than 41 million people, which is 5.7% more compared to the same period last year. And by the end of the year a record number expected at 58.7 million Main flow of passengers, about 80% comes from China and Southeast Asia, what we are not talking about capitals, and other cities. So, for example, Singapore has a direct connection with the 34 cities of the PRC, including the North-Eastern Harbin, Shijiazhuang. So, 13 airlines operate regular services between these countries, and passenger traffic for the first eight months of the year increased by 13%.

In General, more than 100 airlines fly into Changi, so Singapore is linked with 380 cities in 90 countries and territories worldwide. The frequency of takeoffs and landings at this airport averages 90 seconds.


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