Kudrin will not participate in presidential elections, but supports the nomination Bulk

Alexei Kudrin, the head of the civil initiatives Committee and former Finance Minister of Russia, said that he will not nominate his candidacy for the presidential elections in 2018. According to him, he is now busy with other things — preparing proposals to the President on the development of the Russian economy.

In particular, at a recent meeting with Vladimir Putin, which took place on 17 November, he discussed with the President budget policies, spending on education, health and infrastructure, write “Vedomosti”. According to Kudrin, he told the President, why are these costs so important and how they will affect further economic growth. The President instructed the government to study proposals Kudrin.

Continuing the theme of presidential elections, Kudrin noted that Alexei Navalny to be a visible member of society should participate in the election subject to the fulfillment of all statutory procedures. The intention to participate in presidential elections Navalny said in the last year.

According to Kudrin, in today’s political system there are barriers that hinder the society to Express their opinions and to convey it to the authorities. Society is weakly represented in Parliament, to be elected very difficult — not everyone is able to go through existing filters to collect signatures almost impossible, respectively, to register and participate in elections is a very difficult task.

Today, an annual All-Russian Civil Forum was held in Moscow, organized by the Committee of Civil Initiatives headed by Kudrin. This is the largest annual meeting of representatives of civil society in Russia to discuss the most pressing problems of society and develop proposals for their solution.

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25. November 2017 by Ekaterina
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