Billionaire Ruben Vardanian: “We think sometimes that money is everything, but this is an illusion”

Most of all I am motivated by curiosity and the desire to make the impossible possible. In General, it is important to try to change the environment around them. What choice do we have? Or we can somehow influence what happens to us, or say to yourself: nothing depends on us, you need to relax and go with the flow, hide in a bubble to minimize contact with the outside world. I am a supporter first. You need to live life to the full and regular basis trying at least a little, but to change the world for the better, because by and large, all that we leave our children is not money, it’s not some assets, this is the world in which they live. And it depends on us, they will live in a better or worse world.

For the entrepreneur, the main thing — not to be afraid. An entrepreneur is a person who is willing to leave the comfort zone, the zone of understanding in the area of the unknown. In fact, it is similar to the immigrant who once went from Europe to Australia, America or Russia. Or a scientist who also falls in the zone of the unknown and willing to experiment. Secondly, the entrepreneur is not afraid to fall and can climb. Thirdly, the entrepreneur is very inquisitive. Such a person should look at what is happening around, and to see what others do not see. Finally, he must be a good Evangelist, to be able to ignite and lead people to create something that was not there before.

We live in one of the most interesting periods in the history of mankind. Witnessing the birth of a new technological world, from capitalism, we turn to the system that I would be called tarantismo. In the industrial society the main role is played by the concentration of capital and resources. And in this respect the role of the state, the role of big capital was the key to success. All this is rooted in the past. The guys in the garage can charge $500 to create a company that will make the world better or destroy it. And it’s not necessarily going to happen in Silicon valley — maybe somewhere in Bulgaria or Uganda. It is not surprising that for many people, not money are the main. And for example, the ability to be creative, innovative, able to make interesting decisions. In General, the entrance to the business has become much less expensive. Therefore, the struggle will go not for money but for the people who are talented, smart, creative.

Technology will allow you to change a great deal. I am convinced that in place of today’s occupations will be others, and this means that you need to study, study more, longer and all the time, because we will live longer. I am confident that the key industry of mankind of the XXI century will be education, and not oil or some big gold industry. Education will be the main engine of change in the world. Finally, it is important to remember that the world has become global, and it is an illusion that can build Mexican, English wall or the iron curtain. Of the approximately 200 countries only 50-60 live normally. If this continues, the emigration wave will carry the West, and Russia, as his time demolished the Roman Empire.

And the last one. We live in the era of the low confidence in institutions: international, public, private, religious. But the Holy place is never empty. It is clear that the vacuum will sooner or later be filled or pseudoproline, or some sects, or new ideas, religions. People, for fear of the future, will be run in the past, try to isolate your space or are looking for new idols. We live in a society where people are left alone with these problems, and bad if it does not find support in basic human values and will rely only on technology. The world consists of two components. This was said by Aristotle: it is not only logic, but also rhetoric. People should be able not only to do but to think, to feel and to empathize.

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28. December 2017 by Ekaterina
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