Billionaire Hamdi Ulukaya explained why in business, you cannot rely on yourself

The poet Rumi wrote: “Just set foot over the threshold, as there is a way”. When I founded the company Chobani, I never ran a company, and I had no plan. I only knew one thing — that this old factory, you need to paint the walls, and to do this was not difficult. I bought paint and with five of his first employees began work.

It was the first and best decision I ever made in my life. In this simple lesson, there is something magical: it allows you to reflect, to think up something new and feel the progress. So no need to sit and wait for something — you need to act.

You can’t do everything alone, especially after reaching a certain height. It is simply impossible. When it was time to start a company Chobani, I had to rely only on yourself and you have so far. But, on the other hand, our team consists of people who I’d trust even your own life.

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27. November 2017 by Ekaterina
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