People’s motives: 5 models outerwear brands

Quilted coat, | f o R m a |

The Russian brand | f o R m a | for only four years, it has launched designers Tatiana Sukhova and Elena Glukhova in 2013. The idea coat was Central, the main thing of the project. The basis of collections — basic stuff, but every line is filled with its own aesthetics: vintage 1990s rock-n-rollnyj motives or sporty chic.

Overcoat, TIN

The overcoat became the first female model in the line of Tin. Coat made of wool with cashmere with a small proportion of polyester to protect from the November damp. Military themed things — not a coincidence. The fact that the Specificity of the brand lies in the fact that the designers rethink the uniform. They upgrade the original patterns of the Soviet army.

Coat, I am studio

Due to the quilted fabric coat resembles a classical cut whether the item ski wardrobe, or folk coat. However, noble gray color adds urban gloss.

Down jacket, Akhmadullina DREAMS

The main fashion storyteller of the Russian catwalk Alena Akhmadullina is able to turn simple things into magic. Minimalistichnyh down jacket, a belt, looks just as elegant as a coat.

Coat Ruban

Another variation on the theme of soldiers ‘ uniforms in the performance of the sisters Alisa and Julia Ruban turned out fine. The color of the unbleached cloth and accessories made of wood reminiscent of old Russian wooden architecture and Handicrafts made from birch bark.

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