Asymmetric response. Why equate the media to the foreign agents

International journalism

At the same time, the law will not affect bureaus of foreign media or foreign correspondents, as they are accredited in the foreign Ministry, and their work is governed by its decisions. Most likely, in the future, will develop more precise criteria of the media to foreign agents, but it is not known when they will be adopted.

Register as a foreign agent is in accordance with the order of the Ministry of justice of November 30, 2012 № 223. The basis of any non-profit organization in the register is the order of the Ministry taken on the basis of its proper application. Foreign agents are required to indicate the status of all its publications. Also they are required to audit their financial performance and regularly report on their activities.

With regard to future work, in reality the law will change little. Newly recognized by the foreign agents register and are easy to work on, tagging your posts appropriately. It is doubtful that there are problems with the execution of these requirements, as it is unlikely to significantly complicate their work.

Media and non-profit organizations

Strange is the fact of equating the media to NGOs. Media is a commercial organization whose main activity is publishing of printed products news and information content and placing this content on the Internet. And all this is aimed at making a profit. At the same time, the main focus of NGO activities is a non-profit activity. Although, you can’t ignore the promotional opportunities of any media, especially with a broad audience.

Perhaps, the legislator was guided in particular by the desire to “rein in” some disloyal government publications, taking advantage of a good opportunity. Already there were allegations that foreign media, which will be recognized in Russia as foreign agents, could face criminal liability for failure to perform duties due to such status. This opportunity is article 330.1 of the Criminal code, which provides for liability for willful dereliction of duty of a foreign agent. If it comes to the application of this article, time will tell.

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16. November 2017 by Ekaterina
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