USA or Canada: which country is better to study


UK universities are the leaders in the field of natural Sciences, especially such as chemical engineering, medical chemistry, biochemistry and education in the field of art and design. If you are planning to obtain education in Finance or develop your business, pay attention primarily on American universities, because the United States — the birthplace of business education. Leading universities arrange meetings with potential investors, businessmen, representatives of international companies. By the way, in the world ranking of graduate employability Graduate Employability QS Ranking 2017 leading US universities. The rating is based on five key aspects: reputation of employers, cooperation with employers, cooperation of the company and the University, the success and employment of graduates. British universities also occupy leading positions of the ranking, but the top ten included only Oxford and Cambridge universities.

Rating system

In the United States knowledge is assessed through the combination of homework, exams and coursework throughout the training period, that is, your grade on the exam at the end of the course is an integral part of the overall assessment, and is often “weight” is 0.5 and the final score below. For the UK, on the contrary, typical classic session: at the end of each year students take exams on all the material covered, the course is based on lectures and the examination grade becomes final. In the UK, there is a 100-point system evaluation, the level for the certification is 50 points. In the US the grading system has a scale and is expressed in letters (from A to F). But the most important performance indicator is the average score of GPA (Grade Point Average), which has a numeric expression.

The cost of education

It is considered that studying in the UK much cheaper compared to the U.S. (undergraduate programs in the UK universities included in the TOP 10 in the world, as a rule, cost from $40 000 per year, whereas in the U.S. Harvard, the cost can reach $65 000). However, in the UK, unlike the US, this amount does not include accommodation, meals and training materials, which can be up to 50% of all tuition fees. In the end, the difference is negligible. It should also be noted that in the UK, foreign nationals often pay full tuition, whereas in the US there is an extensive scholarship program that can reduce or completely offset your cost of education, American universities offer education loans. In addition, such universities as Harvard, Yale and others, there are scholarship programs for those who cannot pay the tuition if the income of the applicant or his parents less than $75,000 per year, such universities pay 100% of the training.

Training period

Training period in the United States, as a rule, is 4 years for bachelor, 2 years in grad school, UK — bachelor degree lasts on average 3 years and a master’s degree you can finish in a year. The academic year at universities in the US and the UK also arranged differently. In the U.S. it is divided into two semesters: autumn, spring and more in summer. The academic year begins in August and ends in June. In the UK universities has a system of trimesters. The first winter trimester runs from September to the end of December. The shortest trimester and spring, which lasts from January to March. The summer trimester runs from April to July.

Who has more chances to enter

If the U.S. is more likely to come from someone who successfully combines studies with different activities, actively participates in social and sports activities, creating and implementing projects, demonstrated leadership qualities, the universities in the UK, first of all, I appreciate the academic knowledge and the presence of those qualities that will help future students become successful in their chosen profession. A striking proof — the States have scholarships for the academic, social and sporting activities in the UK — only for successful study.

After graduation

Regardless of whether you choose to study University of US or UK, this is a great investment in personal and professional development. The choice of University should depend on your goals and professional ambitions. If you are already at the stage of admission you clearly defined path for career development, studying in the UK will provide a more narrow knowledge in a specific field. Education in the USA gives more flexibility and allows to a certain point to try myself in related fields. In addition, American students have more opportunities to obtain practical experience necessary for future employment. It is worth considering for those who after graduation plans to look for work in his native country.

Those who intend to seek work in the foreign market, it is necessary to pay attention to what job opportunities exist in the country, and also to keep in mind visa restrictions for foreign graduates. In the US, for example, there is a program OPT (Optional Practical Training), which allows graduates to work within 12 months after graduation. Graduates of British universities have more difficult — they will have only 2 months to look for work and the new work visa.

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